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                                                          IT MAY BE TIME FOR A

                                                          HOME MAINTENANCE



                                                          How do you know?


                                                          • Has it been longer than two years since your last home inspection?
                                                          • Have you noticed wear and tear on your home over the past few years?
                                                          • Did you miss getting a home inspection when you originally bought your home?
                                                          • Are you concerned that you may have hidden problems in your home that may affect property value or family health?
                                                          • Do you wonder if obvious cosmetic damage might be causing bigger, more expensive problems below the surface?
                                                          • Are you interested in assuring that your property maintains a higher resale price?
                                                          • Has your home been through harsh weather?


                                                          THESE ITEMS AND ISSUES ARE SIGNS THAT YOU MAY NEED A HOME INSPECTION TODAY.



                                                          Your neighbors are protecting their biggest investment.


                                                          ARE YOU PROTECTING YOURS?


                                                          Think about it. You get your car tuned up. You go to the doctor or the dentist for checkups. Your home is the biggest investment you have. Why in the world would you neglect giving it a checkup every two years, especially when it cost less than a typical automotive tune-up? Without regular check-ups every two or three years, you put the health and safety of your family at risk while jeopardizing your overall property value.

                                                                            Home Inspections are essential in identifying damage to your home’s structure and mechanical systems that, if not repaired, could cost you thousands of dollars more to fix in the future. Think about it, a $10 leak repair can turn into a $10,000 + mold and moisture damage problem if left unchecked, but a thorough Home Inspection can often catch problems like this before they pose a serious risk. Your home is one of the largest investments you’ve made. Why wouldn’t you want to protect it?

                                                                            The cost of a thorough Home Inspection is nominal compared to the value you receive. It simply makes sense to have a Home Inspection report on file for a variety of reasons. A proper Home Maintenance Inspection by an experienced professional will give you peace of mind.